Tobacco Product Tax -Effective 4/1/2017

Beginning April 1, 2017, all Tobacco Products (e-liquids and products associated with vaping) will be subject to a 27.3% tax on the production cost of each product. We have adjusted our prices to account for as much of it as we can, hoping to alleviate the high increase that would otherwise be passed along to our valued customers. The prices on our site include this tax before checkout. This is tax is not the same as, rather in addition to sales tax.

The taxes are as follows, and per individual item:

Dr Picnic’s Magic Elixir: 30 mL $0.79, 60 mL $1.25, 120 mL $1.57

Time Zone: 30 mL $0.80, 60 mL $1.57, 120 mL $2.49

Fog Town: $1.26

Sample sets: $5.70 for Time Zone, $5.60 for Top Sellers

Magic Cotton: $0.40

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