Dr Picnic’s Roswell & store recommendations

Roswell is one of our top sellers, and with a flavor from across the solar system, how could you not love it!?

If you don’t see us on the shelves, recommend our line! If the shop picks up the brand we will send you our ENTIRE line of E-Liquids in 30ml bottles of your favorite strength.
Make sure to leave your name and a way of contacting you with the owner.

Dr. Picnic’s has struck gold with their Time Zone flavor 1947 Roswell, NM. Get yours now as it is sweeping the nation, and if you can’t find Dr. Picnic’s locally, there is a special promotion that will benefit you and all vapers in your area.

Read more about this at: https://www.instagram.com/p/4r8dRpNFS_/

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